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What our customers are saying

"Pure Fiji is considered a premium spa brand like Dermalogica and other large companies that may have hundreds of employees in their ecommerce department. What [] has allowed us to do is compete at a similar level as some of these huge brands."

Jan Dunlop

Webmaster at Pure Fiji

"It blew my mind how quickly I could list an item, then how quick it lists on Amazon and on eBay. Within like 10-15 minutes, it's live on those marketplaces. With our previous platform, it'd be like a day. The customer service is like night and day, compared to our last platform. With, it's like we hired another employee."

Josh Guidarelli

Ecommerce Manager at J&M Golf

"Fulfillment is often the number one pain point for brands - with it's not even in our top 10 of things we have to think about."

Ariana Ferwerda

Co-Founder and CEO at Halfdays

"Make sure your platform delivers the functionality that you need like [] does for us. Take a holistic view of your company and look at it from an owner's perspective and a customer's perspective."

James Savitske

Customer Experience at Millennium Seating

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