About Cart.com

Cart.com, Inc. is an ecommerce software, services and brand holding company on a mission to democratize ecommerce and give digital merchants the freedom to grow. We’re integrating all the pieces of the ecommerce value chain brands need to thrive, creating a truly end-to-end Ecommerce-as-a-Service platform that helps third party brands (and a few of our own) move faster, grow later, and deliver on their promises more completely.

Founded and backed by successful ecommerce entrepreneurs and executives, Cart.com, Inc. is growing rapidly through a buy and build strategy designed to address critical pain points and gaps in the ecommerce value chain. We also own a number of premium domain names that will be used to provide additional brand-friendly sales channels for our merchant-customers and a variety of niche D2C brands that we’ve used to improve and de-risk our merchant-facing software and services in ways that don’t compete with our customers.

Services & Solutions

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