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Unlock the path to incrementality.

Cart Pixel gives you insight into the entire shopper journey, so you know exactly when, where and why customers convert.

Ecommerce insights in high definition

Marketing intelligence

Harmonize your rich website click-steam data with inputs from advertising channels and CRM to transform it into consumable formats for easy analysis.

ML-based attribution

Machine learning determines true incrementality and expand upon basic multi-touch attribution—so you never again have to argue with internal stakeholders over where a sale originated.

Smarter lead gen

An ML-based attribution algorithm provides the clearest depiction of your buyer journey possible, including offline sales activity—allowing you to understand full-funnel marketing performance.

Storefront and web analytics tell the whole story

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to understand the incrementality of your marketing efforts.

Identify sales trends

Slice traffic source, device and customer demographics to uncover drivers of online orders and revenue.

Integrate with Salesforce

Connect the power of Cart Pixel to Salesforce for full funnel attribution with a custom implementation by our solutions team.

Attribution AI modeling

Our proprietary AI-based omnichannel algorithm tailors itself to learn your business over time. Blended with storefront or CRM "source of truth" data, we can even understand post-transaction events such as returns and cancellations.

User-level lead scoring

Digest all hit-level information NS Combine click-stream data with CRM systems to generate an aggregate lead score based on opportunity, potential CLV and propensity to buy.

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Fulfillment analytics track every step of the buyer journey

Forecast inventory levels, monitor cycle times and review shipping costs to proactively meet shopper engagement needs, improve margins and exceed customer expectations.

Review shipping costs

Identify outliers in cost-per-pound shipped to implement order controls in your online store and improve profit margins.

Forecast inventory levels

Aggregate totals give you a quick view into the total of a particular SKU throughout all of's warehouses.

Monitor cycle time

Understand which SKUs have longer lead and delivery times to proactively monitor shopper engagement needs.

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