's digital marketing team worked with iwi Life to optimize its digital marketing spend and grow its online sales volume by 6x

Breaking through the clutter with a superior algae-based Omega-3supplement brand, Optimal Agency helped iWi (pronounced ee-wee) successfully increase website purchases, decrease their average cost per conversion, and scale their budgets on Facebook + Instagram.

6x increase in website purchases
21% decrease in online conversion cost
9x increase in ad spend

About iwi Life

iWi was founded in 2017 with a mission to pioneer a new approach to sustainable food cultivation. iwi’s algae farms yield more essential amino acids and vital nutrients per acre and gallon of water than traditional plant or animal based farming.

iwi offers an extensive line of premium algae-based supplements that absorb 50% more Omega-3s than fish oil.

The challenge

Prior to signing on with Optimal, iwi’s eCommerce site and online presence had not been optimized to enhance user experience or minimize friction in the buying process. In January 2020, iwi allocated 98% of their total Facebook budget to upper-funnel brand awareness objectives and zero sales were attributed to their Facebook ads.

The strategy

Optimal developed a tiered approach to improving iwi’s performance on Facebook by first starting with a full website migration to Shopify for a seamless buying experience. Next, Optimal developed short-form motion graphic videos designed to educate prospective buyers on the benefits of iwi’s products and entice them to purchase.

Finally, Optimal leveraged first-party data to build high-value audience segments for prospecting new customers, retargeting previous purchasers and building Lookalike Audiences from iwi’s highest valued customers.

The outcome

With a refreshed website, conversion-optimized creative content built for mobile and a skillfully architected full-funnel campaign strategy, iwi saw record-breaking sales and efficient CPAs which allowed them to relaunch their subscription membership model and scale their budgets.