RTIC Outdoors worked with Cart.com's digital marketing team to cut its online conversion cost in half

With TikTok’s explosive growth in daily active users & app downloads during Q1 2020, the RTIC brand sought out to be one of the platform’s early adopters for paid ads. Optimal Agency helped RTIC successfully reach exclusive audiences on TikTok & decrease their Cost Per Purchase (compared to other channels).

49% decrease in online cost of conversion
32% decrease in cost per 1,000 impressions
48% decrease in cost per click

About RTIC Outdoors

RTIC pushes the boundaries of innovation with their product design and development of premier outdoor products, including coolers, hard cases, back packs, weather resistant duffel bags, stainless steel drinkware and much more.

They are leaders in quality and value and have become the first choice of the world’s most accomplished outdoor enthusiasts.

The challenge

RTIC had successfully achieved tremendous growth on traditional digital channels over the previous two years. Due to increasing advertiser demand on other platforms – and increasing CPAs due to exhausted lowest-cost conversions – economies of scale made each incremental conversion more expensive than those prior. To diversify their marketing mix and enhance ROI, RTIC turned to TikTok to expand their reach and tap into exclusive audience segments that were not active on other digital channels.

The strategy

Many retail businesses were closed during the month of May, 2020 due to the evolving health pandemic. Optimal saw this as an opportunity to leverage short-form motion graphic videos to capture the nostalgia of hot and fresh coffee by promoting RTIC’s insulated mugs and tumblers that customers could enjoy at home while their favorite coffee shops were closed.

With catchy Rock music and a verticallyoriented full-screen video, Optimal harnessed two of the platform’s native features to quickly captivate audiences, build brand awareness and generate purchases.

The outcome

Using creative content designed to match how users organically browse TikTok, RTIC effectively leveraged the platform to convert cold audiences into brand-loving customers. RTIC will continue to iterate on their successes and scale their budgets to produce profitable revenue on TikTok.