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Cart Marketplaces gives you full-service solutions to maximize revenue on Amazon and other leading marketplaces.

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Best practices consulting

We audit your current advertising performance, explore strategic customer acquisition opportunities, automate reporting and improve data visibility.

Keyword research

We perform search engine optimization (SEO) research to Include the most effective keywords in your product listings, helping you improve visibility and attract more customers.

Monitoring & support

We continually monitor your marketplace performance to optimize your brand experience for both desktop and mobile shopping experiences.

Maximize performance, minimize headaches

Our proactive approach to multi-channel management takes the stress out of reaching customers in oversaturated marketplaces.

Competitor research

Our team will assess your competitors across a range of categories including: Revenue, pricing, marketshare, product gaps and other areas of opportunity.

SKU-level analytics

Find correlations and trends for any SKU using our multi-variant trend analysis tool to track price, units sales, inventory, buy-box percentage, ad spend, conversion rates and more.

Listing audits

We help you optimize your product listings against Amazon best practices to improve conversion rates.

Brand protection

We monitor your product listings daily to quickly identify brand sentiment, buy-box and pricing-related issues.

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