Since 1998 USA ePay, a GorCorp Inc. company, has been helping merchants process their credit card and check transactions with speed and security.

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Founded in 1998 by Ben Goretsky and Alex Goretsky, USAePay is one of the industry leading payment gateway companies. We work with many merchant service banks and leading check platforms worldwide.

USAePay provides Resellers and their Merchants safe and secure payment solutions as well as advanced devices and technologies to suit their business needs. Our payment gateway is channel friendly, and certified in multiple environments, providing solutions for all types of businesses.

How To Add USAePay to Your Online Store:

1. Click here to create an account with USAePay

2. Simply sign into your online store and then navigate to Settings > Payments > Payment Gateways > Add. From there you will see the supported gateway.

If you need further help, just contact the support team and we'll walk you through it.

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