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Data science services to give your business the statistical advantage's data science services surface the most impactful problems in your omni-channel value chain and deliver actionable insights to improve business strategy, growth, and profitability.

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Omnichannel analysis

Whether you're a DTC brand or multi-faceted enterprise, we create a Unified Analytics hub across all sales channels and logistics networks to discover your true performance. Our proprietary segmentation processes are then tailored to fit your marketing strategies and business verticals, giving you unprecedented granularity.
Customer and competitor insights

Demand forecasting

Knowing the future demand for your products unlocks new opportunities that drive better profits. Using our forecasting and optimization models, brands can better meet demand of popular items without slow-moving stock draining your storage costs. With less money tied up in inventory, more of your investments go towards research and development or for increasing ad spend to drives sales.
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Campaign optimization

Pricing is both an art and a science, and need not be static and must be increasingly personalized and adaptive. Our team includes pricing economists who can work with you to analyze competitive pricing, measure price elasticity of demand, run price sensitivity analyses, and model revenue and various price points and pricing models to dial in a pricing strategy that drives top line and bottom line growth.
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Buyer journey modeling

Brands have normalized low conversion, believing higher traffic is required to drive more sales. Our Signals Repository, along with proven Google Tag Manager strategies, gives brands the visibility of where fallout is occurring in the shopping process. These insights are then organized in prescriptive actions to improve the buyer’s journey, resulting in higher sales.
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Customer experience analysis

Sentiment and emotion are powerful predictors in customer loyalty and retention, but often manifest themselves outside of the purchasing process. Our expertise in separating actionable signals from noisy sources like reviews, customer service channels, and social media helps brands create interaction models to increase Customer Lifetime Value. We also uncover emerging competitor, product safety, and brand reputation risks to identify new opportunities for performance improvement.

We've seen it all

Have a problem that’s difficult to solve? We weren’t always this awesome. Through the years, we’ve battle-tested our approaches and built accelerators to hack your biggest data problems. Basically, if data were cool…consider us Miles Davis. We’re so proud of it, we’ll even show you how we did it! Give us a shout and we promise to help drive your results.

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