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Host a marketplace for multiple vendors needing online stores and introduce them to the powerful world of ecommerce.
Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

Create a multi-vendor marketplace for many types of products or just your niche category. Allow companies or people to sell their products, services, and rental items in a single website with individual profiles and storefronts*.

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Separate Storefront Per Vendor

Whether using our popular multi-stores or micro-stores, you can allow each vendor their own online storefront. This can either be a unique URL on a single domain shared with others OR have its own domain name and theme.

Control HTML/CSS Per Storefront

Each vendor storefront can have a standalone look and feel that can be customized to the vendor's specifications. Have logos, profile pictures, banners, descriptions, store reviews and more tailored to each individual vendor's online store. Screenshot
Segmented Vendor Catalogs

Don't worry about a single product catalog being shared amongst all vendors in your online community. Instead each store will have its own catalog of products, categories and pricing. Segment each catalog and category tree to work independently.

Unlimited Users/Vendors

With you don't have to worry about how many vendors you're attracting to your marketplace. Each plan level includes unlimited users and vendors for your marketplace so you can scale your online community without limits.

Individual Sales/Revenue Reports

Reports can be customized to show orders, sales, and much more per vendor store. Advertising codes and affiliate codes are also segmented so your vendors can get a clear picture of which marketing methods are working more than others.

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Custom Discounts and Shipping Rules

Each vendor is considered its own online store so the admin can apply specific discount rules for only that vendor's catalog. Same thing applies for shipping methods and rates as each vendor may have their own ship from address or warehouse.

*Multi-Vendor setup fee may be required.

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