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Payment Options

Taking payments comes in several different formats. PO's, Quotes, Invoices, Paypal, Stripe, and of course Payments.
Online Store: payment options
Multiple payment types

Encourage sales by having more ways for customers to pay including split payments, pay by partial payment and gift cards or customer loyalty points!

Purchase orders for B2B & wholesale

Increase your sales by offering PO #'s as a valid payment type at checkout. Big customers or clients often expect a purchase order payment instead of credit card and keep the orders flowing. This is a payment type you enable and can include a text field to capture a unique purchase order number to keep on the order.

Pre-build a shopping cart and email a link

Shop for your customer and put everything together in a nice pre-made cart? Once you create a list of your products with all their prices and discounts, simply use the admin to email it to your customer. They can simple click the link and checkout!

One page checkout

Less steps to complete a purchase mean more sales. Your store checkout experience can be shortened to a single page and even include a guest checkout option so customers do not have to register to the store before completing purchase. This is an easy way to increase conversions and improve the customer checkout experience.

Quotes, invoices, and payment links

Create custom quotes and invoices with your customer information and product information and send it via email to your customer through the Cart. admin and they can review and purchase all items in your proposal as if they had shopped for them in your store and added them to their own shopping cart.

Split payments

With you can allow customers to checkout with multiple credit cards, or payment methods on the same order. Take partial payments with credit cards, reward points, gift certificates, or other alternative methods. Great for those that use marketing methods that require gift certificates, or even down payments on large purchases.

Chargeback and fraud protection

Optimize operations, sell confidently, and get piece of mind by enabling our security integrations that help prevent fraud and chargebacks. If you're tired of thieves receiving your quality products only to realize that the payments were fraud, is here to help.

Finance your products & services offers our users the ability to easily integrate with financing providers such as PayPal Credit, Affirm, Apruve, and more. These integrations allow your customers to be better served by granting the opportunity to make monthly payments on their total purchase amount.

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