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Rule Engine

Ever want to make your own rules? Drive sales, intelligence and automation through's unique workflow Rule Engine.
Behavior Triggers & Email Automation

Create dynamic emails based on customer activities such as order completion, order update, order delete, abandon cart, time intervals, purchase of certain types of products, specific purchase levels, ad code usage, customer type, shipping method and so much more!

Trigger Process Example
Discounts Based On Behavior

Create discounts that "turn on" according to customer behavior. For example, give a discount off total purchase when they have more than $100 (or any amount) in their cart. Or as a post-sales you might have a purchase rule that email the customer discounts based on purchase level of $50, $100, $250 or any other total amount.

Create Your Own Shipping Rules

As part of the powerful rule engine, you can specify shipping discounts based on certain rules such as order total, destination, shipping method, manufacturer and more. Choose when to automatically add mark-up, offer discounts, or what shipping type should be all based on behavior of checkout or order.

Discount Rule Admin Example
If When Statment Example
Set Your Own If/When Statements

Make everything a touch point for customer contact and sales opportunities. Automatically send emails based on order triggers, customer behavior, order history, products viewed, and much more. Create your own rules and defining statements.

Custom Notifications

Stay tapped into whatever critical events you want to monitor such as canceled orders, new customers, affiliate purchases, recent orders, or specific customer behavioral events. No more limitations on what you want your alerts to be.

Custom Notification Example

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