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Measure every inch of your ecommerce operation

Introducing's Unified Analytics—a purpose-built product to deliver actionable insights from across your ecommerce stack. The platform consolidates all commerce and marketing performance insights into a single view to help entrepreneurs and business leaders quickly identify trends and opportunities to build better experiences for their audiences.

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Leverage expert recommendations

Exploiting the collective intelligence of ecommerce experts, Unified Analytics gets smarter as its usage grows and will surface recommendations that improve your Brand’s performance. By shedding disconnected technologies in favor of a data-driven ecosystem, this new Platform-as-a-Coach emerges as a strategic partner to offer best-in-class marketing, merchandising, and fulfillment tactics to drive business growth.

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Analyze and boost impressions

Integrate key KPIs—such as CPM, CTR, and spend—across all of your marketing channels with our connectors and intelligent data warehouse. Segment your audience by mapping demographics and behaviors to keywords, actions, and conversions. Identify the optimal mix of product, price, place, and promotion using insights from your sales, industry benchmarks, and market conditions.
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Maximize click-throughs and conversions

Measure and attribute the value of each interaction along a lead's path to conversion with our proprietary unified analytics pixel and data-driven attribution—driven by incrementality and powered by artificial intelligence. Analyze channel or device impact on conversions and revenue over time to adjust audience targeting in campaigns. Identify the root causes of bounce rates across web pages and their channel sources to adjust the proper depth of funnel landing pages for increased conversions.
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Keep them coming back

Identify emerging trends in product purchases across first-time and repeat shoppers to identify return discounts that increase CLV—powered by assets such as likelihood to buy. Determine the future cash flows from existing customers and how long they are likely to be retained after the acquisition—with probable drivers of CLV and churn—so various methods can be deployed to improve customer experience.

We do things differently than our competitors

Other ecommerce platforms follow a hub-and-spoke model. The online store software becomes a central dependency for all other ancillary (but equally important) business functions.
We're doing things differently—in our decentralized model, every product and service offering can stand alone AND can seamlessly integrate with each of our other offerings. Our modular approach allows brands to adopt as many or few of our offerings as they'd like, without ever becoming dependent on any one system.'s decentralized offerings model, compared with other hub-and-spoke models

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