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Online payment solutions

Meet your shoppers where they are and process payments with ease.
Online Store: payment options
Flexible payment options

Encourage sales by having more ways for customers to pay including split payments, BNPL, gift cards, customer loyalty points, and even crypto!

Finance your products & services offers our users the ability to easily integrate with financing providers such as PayPal Credit, Affirm, Apruve, and more. These integrations allow your customers to be better served by offering the opportunity to make monthly payments on their total purchase amount.

Pre-build a shopping cart and email a link

Shop for your customer and put everything together in a nice pre-made cart? Once you create a list of your products with all their prices and discounts, simply use the admin to email it to your customer. They can simple click the link and checkout!

Split payments

With you can allow customers to checkout with multiple credit cards or payment methods on the same order. Take partial payments with credit cards, reward points, gift certificates, or other alternative methods. Great for those that use marketing methods that require gift certificates, promo codes, or even down payments on large purchases.

Chargeback & fraud protection

Optimize operations, sell confidently, and activate ecommerce analytics for peace of mind by enabling our security integrations that help prevent fraud and chargebacks. If you're tired of thieves receiving your quality products only to realize that the payments were fraud, is here to help.

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